Our goal at Lake Point Recovery and Wellness is to provide every customer we serve with an opportunity to live a healthy and productive life, free of substance abuse and addictions. Our Residential, Specialized Women's Services, and Intensive Outpatient programs are built to accomplish this goal. Once a customer has completed the discharge goals of the program and those agreed upon by the customer and their counselor, they will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

The primary steps to completing the programs are:

  • Attending all required Group and Individual Counseling sessions.
  • Submitting to all drug and alcohol screenings as requested by staff or referral sources
  • Completing all goals and objectives on your Comprehensive Treatment plan
  • Comply with all rules and regulations, as outlined by the Client Handbook.

In rare cases customers can be discharged for administrative purposes and required to leave the Lake Point Recovery and Wellness property prior to completion of their treatment. Depending upon the circumstances and the safety of the agency, customer or others, the customers being discharged may be asked to leave property immediately. A customer may be discharged administratively due to any of the below specified reasons or at the discretion of the CEO:

  • Threats of violence or actual bodily harm
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sale, purchase, or use of drugs or alcohol
  • Continued unexcused absences from counseling
  • Suspected or threatened child abuse or neglect

Aftercare and Discharge Planning

A week prior to a client completing the program, an Aftercare Plan will be created. The client will participate in the writing of the plan, and a copy will be provided to the client. In addition, a Discharge Summary will be completed, upon discharge, in which the client is expected to participate. All items belonging to the agency will be returned. All items belonging to the client will be returned to the client and verified by their signature. All required paperwork such as discharge letters, certificates, etc. will be provided to the client leaving the program.

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