At Lake Point Recovery and Wellness, we offer several therapeutic activities that promote recovery. One of our most popular is our Piscatorial Recreational Therapy Program (also known as our Fishing program). Our fishing curriculum offers several benefits to our customers while in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Our 12-acre facility is located on a small peninsula on the shores of Lake Dardanelle. Being surrounded by water on three sides offers plenty of opportunity for fishing. Fishing is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of Arkansans, but it has so many benefits that can help people in recovery as well.

Fishing is excellent for stress relief and relaxation. Who doesn't love forgetting about their busy lives, relaxing on the water, and taking in the splendor of nature? Research suggests that fishing can increase feelings of happiness by releasing endorphins. Engaging in outdoor activities and exposure to sunlight have been shown to improve mood, and those who regularly engage in outdoor activities such as fishing have lower rates of depression

If you struggle with patience, fishing might be your answer. It’s been shown to help improve patience, teaching people that it is okay to slow down and approach situations from an analytical perspective. Substance use is fueled by instant gratification, and learning patience is key to long-term recovery. Fishing can also provide a sense of accomplishment. In fact, successfully catching a fish has been linked with improved self-esteem.

There are many health benefits associated with fishing, too. It is a form of light exercise, which has been shown to improve mental health and recovery from substance abuse. Regular fishing activities give people an opportunity to get some exercise outdoors. This helps reduce stress levels by providing direct exposure to nature, which has been linked to improved mental well-being. It can also improve mental functioning and well-being by increasing focus, improving problem-solving skills, and enhancing memory recall.

Fishing requires people to remain alert and focused, which can lead to improvements in concentration. Research shows that being around water is good for you. Moving water produces negative ions, which are charged particles that have been shown to boost the immune system, increase metabolism, and regulate your sleep patterns.

Fishing with others is a good way to improve relationships and social functioning as it allows people to socialize. It enables our customers to share similar interests with others in recovery and bond, which can lead to increased trust and respect that often carries over into their recovery. Fishing has been shown to promote communication by encouraging dialogue about common interests.

Connection to one's community is integral for the recovery of many people with substance use issues, and fishing provides an opportunity to connect with nature and the environment. This often leads to greater respect for our environment and may enhance one's connection within their community. Many fishermen enjoy sharing the stories and experiences that they have had while fishing (we all know about the big one that got away).

Lake Point's fishing program also provides education on local wildlife, fishing regulations, and various angling techniques. This unique program is one more way we work to empower our customers to take control of their recovery and have fun doing it.

To learn more about our fishing program and other activities provided at Lake Point Recovery & Wellness, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-833-4HANDUP.

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