The Residential Treatment Program at Lake Point Recovery and Wellness is a 30 to 45 day highly structured program for individuals suffering from substance use disorders. At Lake Point, we treat the whole person, healing the mind, body and spirit. Our structured group and individual treatment sessions provide the perfect framework for recovery.

When you have an inpatient stay at Lake Point Recovery and Wellness’s Residential program, we ensure that all your needs are taken care of. When you come to Lake Point all you need to bring is yourself and a few personal items. We will do the rest. The treatment you get while at Lake Point is second to none. We provide a full day of therapeutic and educational groups covering a wide range of issues that affect recovery. These include Addiction Education, Employability Training, Relapse Prevention, Trauma Groups, Smoking Cessation, Process Groups, and individual therapy sessions, to give our customer’s the best possible chance at success. We also provide daily therapeutic recreational activities to keep our customers engaged and active.

The residential treatment program provides integrated mental health and substance use disorder treatment, primary care services, case management services, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). We understand that substance use issues do not occur in a bubble. There are several factors that influence substance use and several areas that are affected by substance use. Therefore, we use a Biopsychosocial model to make sure that every concern is addressed to minimize the chance of relapse and ensure life-long sobriety for our customer.

If you would like to send mail to a client, please address it to 65 Arvac Lane, Russellville, AR 72802.

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