Lake Point Recovery and Wellness Specialized Women’s Services provides a holistic, woman and family centered philosophy that strives to empower women while meeting the unique needs of women and children. Our philosophy focuses on women’s distinctive needs, expectations and aspirations, while providing therapeutic techniques to support development of effective coping strategies to recover from the effects of substance use, trauma, and violence.

Lake Point Recovery and Wellness is committed to providing women-centered overall health rather than focusing solely on substance abuse; this includes a philosophy for a holistic connection between the mind, body, and spirit. We place value on reframing the problem by placing emphasis on the positive aspects for change. This is a 120-day residential program for mothers seeking treatment who either have full custody or are seeking reunification of their children.

Our SWS program provides integrated mental health and substance use disorder treatment, primary care, employability and parenting and family classes to women with children. Lake Point Recovery and Wellness has trained counselors that work with mothers on parenting skills as well as trained staff who observe and assist with incorporating these parenting skills in day-to-day practice. We use our employability program to teach job skills and assist in finding a job, if the customer chooses, prior to completion of the SWS program. For children under the age of six, we offer an onsite Head Start and Early Head Start program that provides high quality child care and education to those enrolled in our SWS program.

Our Specialized Women’s Services program provides wrap around services to our SWS customers, which means we assist with coordination of care needs such as transportation assistance, scheduling of appointments, legal appointments among others. This program is designed with the special needs of women in mind and is focused on improved outcomes for women and children, improved parenting, and improved family functioning.

This program incorporates a Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM) that addresses traumatic events that often lead to addiction issues. The TREM therapy groups focus on both how trauma affects drug use as a means to cope with the trauma and how drug use can put people in situations that lead to traumatic events. The TREM groups are provided in an all female group setting to aid customers in opening up and discussing substance use and trauma openly. Our trauma groups are always conducted in an environment that promotes healing and empathy for all customers.

Lake Point Recovery & Wellness provides Specialized Women's Services for the following counties: Baxter, Boone, Cleburne, Conway, Faulkner, Independence, Izard, Marion, Newton, Perry, Pope, Searcy, Sharp, Stone, and Van Buren.

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