Do you allow smoking in your facility?

We are a non-smoking campus but we do allow smoking on an off-campus site.

What do I need to bring for the residential treatment program?

We have a full list available of all of the items required for the intake process (ID, SS Card, Proof of Income, Insurance Card) please contact admissions for the entire list.

Can I bring my instrument/art utensils/etc?

Of course, but do note we are not responsible for anything that may be broken, stolen, or lost while you are in the program.

Am I allowed to bring my medications?

Yes, it is a requirement that any medications you take you must bring a full dosage that will last you your entire stay. The only medications not allowed on campus are Narcotics.

Am I allowed to bring/use my phone/tablet/etc in the residential treatment program?

You may bring your phone, however it is not allowed to be used while in the residential program and it will be confiscated and secured in a safe location until you discharge from the residential program.

Do you accept couples?

We do allow couples to enter treatment at the same time; however, we do enforce a no fraternization policy. Couples may attend the same groups at times but will be kept separate, unless couples therapy is included in their treatment plan.

Do you provide snacks/soda?

We do have snacks available throughout the day for medical necessity, though we do not provide anything other than water and tea during meal times. You may buy specific snacks/soda from the Director of Administration.

How long is your program?

30-45 days based on counselor discretion for inpatient services.

Are you allowed to leave campus?

Any off campus privileges have to be approved by your counselor and COO. Some occasions that can be allowed: Doctor appointments, court dates, family deaths, etc.

Am I allowed to make phone calls or have visitations?

Clients are allowed two 15-minute phone calls a week after 7 days of being in residential, and visitations are on Fridays at 3pm after 15 days being in residential.

Are clients allowed to attend outside NA/AA meetings?

We proudly have these meetings facilitated onsite for our customers currently receiving our residential (inpatient) services.

Do you have transitional living or housing assistance?

We do not offer transitional living at this time. We do have partnerships throughout the state and our staff do help to make your transition out of inpatient treatment as seamless as possible.

Do you accept medicaid/medicare?

We accept Medicaid for Outpatient Services. We do not accept Medicare at this time.

What insurance do you accept?

Most private insurances i.e. BCBS, Qualchoice, Ambetter, Aetna, etc. Click here to see a full list.

How much is residential treatment and can I be put on a payment plan?

The Private Pay rate for Residential Admission is approximately $18,000 for a standard 30-day admission, however, this rate is set on a sliding scale and is based on income. All payment plans must be created and approved by our COO.

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