At Lake Point Recovery and Wellness, we offer a wide range of services. In our therapeutic programs, Lake Point provides the latest in Evidenced-Based Behavioral Health treatment, from our licensed and experienced addictions and mental health counselors.

Our Residential Treatment program offers detoxification services for those who need to detox from substances, as well as the following group and individual services:

Psychoeducational Groups

Psychoeducational group sessions teach customers about the complications of drug use, how substances affect the brain and the body and psychological issues that result from drug and alcohol use. These groups utilize information gained from years of study of substance use and mental health issues to teach customers what to expect during recovery. The groups provide an open forum for customers to discuss these issues and learn in a supportive environment.

Learn More

If you or a loved one might benefit from our services, please contact us to find out how to learn more. From scheduling a tour to helping you with insurance and payments, our team is ready to get you on the path to wellness.


Pricing & Process

Our number one goal is your wellness, so we are clear and up front about what we offer and the costs for our services. We never want questions about pricing or our processes deter you from getting started. 


CARF accreditation