At an Outpatient level we offer a vast array of services, including Psychological Assessments, Substance Use Assessments, and Psychiatric Evaluations. We have Case Consultation and Crisis Intervention Services as well. We offer prevention services to the community in the form of education via trainings, presentations, our blog and our podcast. We also strive to provide educational resources to customers, families of our customers, schools, businesses and anyone in need at request.

At Lake Point Recovery and Wellness, we work with state and federal agencies to meet court-ordered treatment requirements as well. We are able to offer the following programs that meet state guidelines for mandated treatment:

Anger Management

Lake Point Recovery and Wellness offers a 12-session Anger Management program developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. This program has been very successful in both our Residential and Outpatient programs, as well as in programs all over the country. Whether you have identified that you need to work on managing your anger or have been court ordered to treatment, this evidence-based program would be a perfect choice. We offer a flexible class schedule and have evening groups available.

Parenting Classes

If you are in need of parenting classes, our trained counselors and instructors provide some of the best training available. Our new MYTE training program is now available to the community. This is the same parenting program used for Head Start and in our Specialized Women’s Services curriculum. This program has 8 sessions and focuses on teaching parents about trauma as well as parenting skills. Parents will learn about trauma, the outcomes of traumatic experiences, getting to know your child’s trauma triggers, how to engage children in relaxation and soothing behaviors, teaching feelings and coping skills, helping children with new behaviors, establishing safety and learning routines that reassure.

DOT (Department of Transportation) mandated treatment

We work with SAP assessors to provide Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated treatment. We offer groups that satisfy the requirement for the DOT. We also can offer individual sessions, if needed, to satisfy this treatment requirement. We offer a flexible class schedule and have evening groups available.

Referral Services

While Lake Point Recovery and Wellness is a one-stop-shop, you may have needs that we do not address within our practice. Thankfully we offer a large network of referral partners to aid our customers for almost any need.

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If you or a loved one might benefit from our services, please contact us to find out how to learn more. From scheduling a tour to helping you with insurance and payments, our team is ready to get you on the path to wellness.


Pricing & Process

Our number one goal is your wellness, so we are clear and up front about what we offer and the costs for our services. We never want questions about pricing or our processes deter you from getting started. 


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